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Effects of ▀-Mannanase in Corn-Soy Diets on Commercial Leghorns in Second Cycle Hens Full Article

ABSTRACT β- Mannanase (Hemicell ®) is a unique enzyme-based feed ingredient, which can hydrolyze β-mannan, an anti-nutritional fiber in feed. Because soybean meal contains β-mannan and its derivatives, addition of β-mannanase may improve soybean-meal utilization. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of β-mannanase on performance of commercial Leghorns fed corn-soybean meal based diets. In this experiment, three diets were formulated. The metabolizable energy content for diet 1 (high-energy diet) was 2951 kcal/kg, which was 120 kcal/kg higher than diet 2 (low-energy diet supplemented with β-mannanase) and diet 3 (low-energy diet without β-mannanase). Hy-Line W-36 hens (n = 720, 98 wk old) were randomly divided into three dietary treatments (16 replicates of 15 hens per treatment). The trial lasted for 12 weeks. Overall average feed conversion of hens fed the low-energy diet supplemented with β-mannanase was similar to that of hens fed the high-energy diet, and both were significantly lower than that of hens fed the low-energy diet without β-mannanase . There were no significant differences in overall average egg production and egg mass among three dietary treatments for the 12-wk period. However, the addition of β-mannanase significantly increased average egg production and egg mass of hens fed the low-energy diet from week 5 to 8. There were n o significant differences in feed intake, egg specific gravity, egg weight, mortality, body weight, and body weight variability among three dietary treatments. β-mannanase supplementation improved energy utilization of corn-soybean layer diets, and has the potential to reduce the cost of practical laying hen diets containing β-mannan.

Key words: energy, β-mannanase, hens, energy utilization

Full Article 


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