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Quick Facts

  • Certified for several quality and food safety standards including ISO 9001, HACCP, FCI, and NASC
  • Meets or exceeds FDA good manufacturing practices
  • Plant has full traceability, linking lots on incoming ingredients to lots of outgoing finished products
  • Has received 31 pharmaceutical NADAs
  • Manufactures advanced custom blends
  • Utilizes tower medicated blending
  • Form, fill and seal capabilities
  • Expert customer service, quality control and nutrition specialists

The Ridley Advantage

Because of the resources of Ridley Inc., Ridley Feed Ingredients offers you:
  • The benefits of coordinated purchasing power
  • Access to worldwide suppliers
  • Financial resources
  • The stability of a solid company with strong supplier relationships
  • Quality products at a competitive price

Our formula or yours . . .

all non- medicated products are blended in a twin shaft ribbon-paddle mixer that can handle 1 to 4 ton batches. This mixer has a coefficient of variation of about 2% across all batch sizes. Today's more concentrated premixes demand accuracy in mixing. A badly blended premix is a poor value and can negatively impact livestock or poultry performance. Our mixing uniformity allows for a more stable and effective product.

Non-medicated products are blended and packaged in a system that is dedicated specifically to the manufacturing of nutritional products. Products are accurately scaled, packaged and palletized utilizing the latest in computerized technologies.

Medicated products are blended in a 4 ton stainless steel mixer specifically designed for pharmaceuticals. The system is designed to prevent cross- contamination of antibiotics and drugs. We share your priority for food safety and have invested in top quality equipment.

The mixer in our Form, Fill and Seal Room, blends water-soluble products and batches of less than 500 lbs. It's ideal for manufacturing small, pilot batches.

We offer you packaging flexibility along with manufacturing flexibility. Our packaging sizes range from 2.5-ounce form, fill and seal, to metric-ton totes.