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RIDLEY POULTRY SERVICES - Individualized Nutrition Layers

Improved Production, Reduced Cost

Today's layer is genetically improved to lay more eggs and eat less feed. That's why the Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System was developed. It can help you take advantage of the genetic potential of your flocks. That translates into increased production and decreased feed cost you can count on.

Predictable Nutrition

Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System

The Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System is the ideal approach to individualized nutrition. This flexible, computerized system allows you to formulate feeds precisely to meet the specific needs of your flocks based on the following production and management factors.
  • Egg Mass–balance specific nutrients to help produce maximum egg numbers and optimum egg size while reducing over-and under-feeding (see Table A). Nutrient density is adjusted to help optimize the genetic potential of each flock and to allow you to meet market requirements.
  • Body Size–use actual body weight, along with information from the breeder management guidelines to determine the optimum nutrients to meet target weights. Depending on your particular strains, there are specific guidelines for body weight.
  • Age of the Flock–determine the precise calcium requirements to satisfy needs throughout the production cycle. Older hens have increased needs for this nutrient due to decreased calcium metabolism and increased egg size.
  • Environment–compensate for average in-house temperature variations by adjusting the ration density to allow for the subsequent change in feed intake.
Table A. Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System vs. Conventional Phase Feeding Program

Predictable Performance

With the Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System, formula recommendations are based on predicted performance rather than past performance. Using expected flock performance criteria, along with predicted environmental conditions, you can formulate feeds specifically to help maximize production.

You'll also find this program is especially valuable in helping you identify problem areas in your operation. Plus, it provides important management information such as:

  • Predicted Metabolizable Energy and amino acid requirements for the flock
  • Estimated feed consumption during the formulation period
  • Estimated daily feed per 100 birds
  • Estimated feed cost per dozen eggs produced
  • Proper feed formulations

Result...the Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System helps you:

  • Maximize egg production, per hen housed
  • Optimize egg size
  • Optimize nutrient levels fed
  • Meet target body weights
  • Develop cost-effective formulations

The Ridley Poultry Model Difference

1. Amino Acid requirements
Amino acid requirements are different for production of egg mass, body maintenance and growth. The Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System accommodates these variables to generate formulas ideally tailored for specific flocks.

Amino Acid Requirements for Maintenance, Growth and Egg Production

2. Total vs. Available Amino Acids
Unlike conventional formulation systems which base formulas on the total content of amino acids and other nutrients, the Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System uses both available nutrient levels in ingredients and calculated nutrient requirements to support precise, individualized nutrition.

Total and Available Amino Acid Content of Common Feedstuffs

Result...the Ridley Poultry Model Feed Management System helps you:

  • Tailor nutrients to birds' needs
  • Reduce nutrient over-and under-feeding
  • Reduce feed costs
  • Improve performance

Ridley Quality Assurance Assistance Program

Technical expertise is available in quality control to help ensure the continued success of your operation. Our Ridley Quality Assurance (QA) Assistance Program can help you manufacture feed of consistent quality to help optimize bird performance. To fulfill and ensure this commitment to quality, Ridley Inc. has implemented and is registered to the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard in all US and Canadian facilities. Ridley is the first and only full-service livestock feed manufacturer to be registered to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard in the United States. We are also a HAACP certified premix facility.

Result...Ridley QA helps you:

  • Improve production efficiencies
  • Improve feed quality
  • Lower your cost of production without compromising performance

Technical Service Staff:

Through your Ridley Poultry Specialist, you have access to our Technical Service staff.
  • Current Research–information from university-sponsored research and other industry sources can help you optimize flock productivity.
  • Field Experience–learn practical approaches to egg production through nutrition, health and management consultations.
  • Diversified Staff–trained professionals with expertise in areas that can help you meet your individual production needs.